A woman wearing little more than her troubles created a traffic snarl in a Pittsburgh suburb last week. Police in Monongahela, Pa. say that the woman parked her car along the town’s West Main Street and emerged from the vehicle topless.

Within moments, the woman removed her pants, placing them on her head before discarding them. She then threw her shoes at passing vehicles before continuing down the middle of the busy street. As she walked, traffic on the small town’s main thoroughfare began to slow to a near standstill.

Wow. Road construction crews spend millions on orange barrels and flashing signs to calm traffic. The department of transportation could save a bundle by stopping by a strip joint and allowing the dancers to work for tips.

Anyway, after getting into an altercation with a female patron of a local bar, the modern-day Lady Godiva was taken into custody by police, but not before she became confrontational with them. She was transported to a local hospital for evaluation and has not yet been charged.

There needs to be a police report. How else does a driver of a car damaged by an errant shoe thrown by this woman explain the dent to their insurance agent?

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