We all joke about Michigan weather, and how quickly it changes. Last night in Columbiaville, it was downright scary!

storm blew up out of nowhere, just before 7pm last night, probably because of the unseasonably warm weather. I drove home through  heavy rain and hail, up I-69 heading east, towards home. The sky was a very creepy greenish gray color, and the clouds were swirling above. As I drove towards home, my cell phone rang, It was my daughter, Emily, completely freaked out. She had just seen a funnel cloud above the farm!

That same funnel cloud actually hit the ground just a country mile east of our family farm along Klam Road, between Marathon Road and Thom Road. Huge trees that have been there for decades were completely torn from the ground. Campers, cars and motor homes were tossed around like toys. Roofs and siding were ripped off several houses, and homes were actually moved from their foundations. Power was knocked out for the area as well, and as of this posting, it has not been restored. There were reports that a pontoon boat was lifted out of a pond and thrown into the yard. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported.

It seem unbelievable that a tornado could have been that close to my home and loved ones. I am so grateful that we were not directly affected, and I am heartbroken for those that suffered such severe storm damage last night.

Do you have a story or pictures to share. Maybe an encouraging comment for those people that were directly in the path of those storms last night?

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