Not what you want to walk into as a business owner - ever.

Details are few right now (I will update as more information is made available). What I do know is someone crashed a truck into Electric Chair Tattoo in Clio this morning. Thankfully, no one was hurt - but as you can see there is extreme damage to the exterior and interior of the building.

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If you are not familiar with the location of Electric Chair, the building is located at the corner of Vienna (M57) and Saginaw Roads in Clio. That stretch of road used to be two lanes, but recently went down to one lane - and can definitely surprise an unsuspecting driver.

It is tough to find anyone around the Flint area that does not have a tattoo from one of the Electric Chair locations. I have one on my foot that I had done at the Clio shop, by artist Andy Kurth. As a matter of fact, when Spider One from Powerman 5000 would come to Flint to play at The Machine Shop, he would always get work done at Electric Chair. Tony LaBrie was filmed at Electric Chair getting work done when he was on Wife Swap in 2007.

Keep Joseph Lash and the crew at Electric Chair in mind when you are holiday shopping. Even if you can't get tattooed there immediately, get a gift certificate. It will certainly help.

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