My wife complains relentlessly about driving in morning traffic. Claiming that most of the congestion is because people weren't paying attention in driver's training class. Did an epic Christopher Lloyd performance predict the future long before the role of Doc Brown was even conceived?

The way my wife describes all drivers, myself included, you'd think that Jim Ignatowski was at the top of his class in this clip from 'Taxi'. Able to play Iggy, the lovable burnout, then go on portray one of the most intelligent and again lovable men on the planet at the time through Doc Brown from 'Back To The Future', Christopher Lloyd has remarkable range as an actor.

Even when watching Uncle Fester from 'The Adams Family' and the evil Judge Doom from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?', you can totally get lost in his characters. I'd love the opportunity to have lunch with Lloyd. I'm sure he has some fascinating stories to tell!

If you've seen this incredibly hilarious classic TV scene, I invite you to relive the funny. If you've not had the joy of seeing this, with all the face-hurting laughter that comes with it, you are in for a treat!


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