We are your official station for the Flint Firebirds. If you can't be at a game regardless if the team is on home ice or away - we have you covered. You don't have to miss a minute of action on the ice, you can hear all of the games this season on your radio, the US 103 app, or on your smart speaker.

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The Flint Firebirds announced Ted Dent as the team's new head coach this past June. Another new addition to the Flint Firebirds family is Director of Broadcasting and Communications Jack Sznewajs. That is a fancy title for the voice of the Flint Firebirds. You will hear Jack right here on US 103 for all of the play-by-play action.

You can check out the Flint Firebirds below Go Firebirds - here is to a great season.

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