Vinnie Vincent played electric guitar in front of a live audience for the first time in more than 30 years last night, joining the group Four by Fate for three songs by his former band Kiss.

The guest spot came in Miami as part of a pre-launch party for this year's Kiss Kruise, which departs today.

Wearing the same variation of the Kiss "Ankh Warrior" makeup that he sported during a convention appearance this past weekend, Vincent stuck almost entirely to rhythm guitar for performances of "Lick It Up," "I Love It Loud" and "Cold Gin."

You can watch the performance below.

After decades in seclusion, Vincent returned to the public eye in January at the Atlanta Kiss Expo, explaining that legal battles had put him through "20 years of hell" and vowing that he'd found happiness in a much simpler and private life.

In April, he performed acoustic guitar alongside former bandmate Gene Simmons at an event promoting the Kiss bassist's Vault Experience box set. In August, Vincent filed trademark applications for the name "Vinnie Vincent's Kiss," prompting Simmons to threaten yet another round of legal action against him.

Vincent's first full-length concerts since his return are scheduled for Dec. 7 and 8 at the Graceland Hotel in Memphis. He's also reportedly working on a memoir that will explain how he spent all that time out of the public eye.

"Those events will be really talked about in uncomfortable depth," he said. "Because it's cathartic, number one. Number two, the fans deserve to know; and I deserve to tell it."



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