Michigan's own Dr. Jeff VanWingen, is back with another PSA video. You may remember him from his first viral video, in which he shared tips on disinfecting groceries and more.

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This time around the good doctor talks about handling packages, your mail, and food deliveries. I feel like I am super careful in terms of all of the above, but I did learn some new things from Dr. VanWingen.

I also like the fact that he asks viewers to share sound advice too. You will see in the comments section on his YouTube page, that people are sharing a lot of good tips. Not everyone has a garage or space to leave things outside, it is all about doing the best you can in your current situation - keeping you and your family safe.

Dr. Oz better look out, Dr. VanWingen is the real deal. Am I the only who thinks he needs his own TV show?

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