Today is Primary Election Day in Michigan. Polls are open 7 AM to 8 PM. You must choose between voting in the Democratic, Republican or Libertarian primary. Party registration is not required to participate in a primary in Michigan but voters can only vote for candidates in one party. Proposals will be on all ballots. Here are some of the Dos and Don'ts at the Michigan Ballot Box according to MLive.
DO bring a Photo ID.
Forgot ID? Sign an affidavit at your polling place and still vote.
DON'T campaign within 100 feet or polling place doorways.
DON'T wear election-related T-shirts or buttons.
DON'T use cameras or recording devices at the polls.
Ballot selfies are not allowed.
It's OK to leave portions of the ballot blank. Your vote will still count.
DO stay in line when the polls close. You can still vote.
Source: MLive

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