The giving spirit is strong this time of year.

Samantha Knight saw $1,000 in cash left behind in a booth where she was waiting tables, but unfortunately the person who had been sitting there had already left her Punta Gorda, Florida, restaurant. She tried to return to a man who was about to leave the restaurant, but it turns out that wasn't the right customer.

The interaction was caught on the Laishley Crab House surveillance camera, and when the man who took the $1,000 saw himself on the news a few days later, he came back to the restaurant to return the money. Knight told NBC-2 how the man explained himself: "He said, 'I'm from Delaware. The money was in my wallet underneath other stuff. I'm in town buying stuff, so I had that much money.' ... He sounded very sincere. He gave me another hundred dollars on top of that for my troubles."

Knight, who is pregnant, also got another surprise. The money's true owner, Chuck Behm of Chicago, heard about the whole interaction and told Knight that if the mystery man who wrongfully took the $1,000 ever returned it, that she could keep it as a Christmas present. When that really did happen, Knight called Behm to confirm it, and he stayed true to his word.

"I called him this morning and let him know," Knight said. "He said, 'It's yours to keep.'"

That extra $1,100 ought to be a big help, especially for a soon-to-be young mother.

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