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It's no secret that times are still tough for a lot of mid-Michigan families, and as we all look ahead towards the holiday season, retailers are prepared to do what it takes to get your business. Walmart is no exception, and the giant superstore is bringing back it's interest free layaway shopping option again this year. Get details after the jump.


Changes to the Walmart holiday layaway came in an announcement yesterday and mean good news for Walmart shoppers. For starters, the program runs longer. The kick off date is as early as September 16 and lasts until December 14. The list of eligible items is longer as well. Shoppers can now layaway toys, electronics, small appliances, large exercise equipment and trampolines.

Now, for the small print! Each item must be priced at $15 or more, the total layaway amount must be $50 or greater, a down payment of 10% or $10, which ever is greater is required and will be applied to the purchase, and there will be a $15 fee to open the layaway account. If the account is cancelled, the $15 will not be refunded. For shoppers who complete their layaway obligations by the December 14 due date, the $15 will be refunded in a Walmart gift card.

Do you have a game plan yet for your holiday shopping?




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