Walmart employees are set to get another round of bonuses for working through the pandemic soon.

Walmart is rewarding their workers again with another cash bonus. All full-time employees will be receiving a $300 bonus, part-time employees will get an extra $150, and assistant managers will receive an extra $400 on top of their normal checks. This is the third such bonus that Walmart has given its employees since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

I'm glad to see Walmart paying out these bonuses to their staff. I have quite a few friends that work at Walmart and they have been working nonstop since the start of this. Every little bit helps nowadays and extra cash is always nice.

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Walmart is about the only store that seems to still be handing out bonuses like this, that I have seen lately anyway. Other stores have stopped and some have even attempted to make employees pay some of their bonuses back. I couldn't believe that when I saw it. I won't name the store, but yes, you read that right. A particular grocery chain apparently overpaid their bonuses to staff and tried to get them to pay it back in future checks. Thankfully after catching some critical attention they allowed the employees to keep the extra.

Has your job been handing out any bonuses throughout the coronavirus pandemic? If so, was it cash or something else? One of the best bonuses I ever received was a large flatscreen TV and a gym membership. I made good use out of the TV, but only stepped in the gym twice.


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