Now this is a pool you can't afford not to get. Just think how cool (literally) you will be, with your very own truck bed inflatable pool. Regardless if you park in the front, or the backyard - you will be the talk of your neighborhood. Even better, maybe everyone in your neighborhood gets one - that would make for one hell of a subdivision pool party.

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Walmart is selling these awesome Summer- Waves inflatable truck bed pools for only $39.97. Hell, you probably have that in returnables right now. If not, I have another cash code word for you today at 4:30 PM. This is your opportunity to win $1000, plus a bonus shot at $10K, just for entering the cash code word through our app. 

I don't even have a truck, and I want one of these. Maybe I will just throw a kiddie pool in my trunk? Talk about one hell of a trunk show. Who is with me? I will bring the tequila. Duh.

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