There is pretty much a Facebook page for everything. Some of the most useful pages (in my opinion) are community pages. An example of that would be the Lapeer News & Discussion Facebook. This is a place to chat with your neighbors about the goings-on in Lapeer County.

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People share all sorts of things on this group page. Everything from dining experiences, upcoming events, and even warnings from time to time. I noticed one post, in particular, today about counterfeit cash being found in Lapeer (pictured above).

Unfortunately, nothing was mentioned as to where the fake bill was discovered. Nonetheless, be cautious. To be honest, I would not spot a bogus bill right away. If I pay for something a $50 or $20 dollar bill and get a few bucks back - I just throw it in my purse. Does anyone really look? I am guessing not.

That is why I never get annoyed when a cashier holds the bills I give to him or her up to the light or uses some magic pen to determine if my money is real or fake. Have at it. I want them to do that because as I said, I don't.

I know not everything on Facebook is true (shocker), but consider this a friendly warning. In the meantime, where can I find one of those magic pens anyway?

You can see the original Lapeer News & Discussion post about this problem here.

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