A new store is taking on Whole Foods in the company’s hometown of Austin, Texas.

Like the well-known chain, In.gredients will specialize in local and organic edibles, but with one key difference — it vows to be first “package-free, zero waste grocery store” in the US.

At In.gredients, simply using tote bags isn’t going far enough to save the planet. Here, you’ll be encouraged to bring your own containers to pack up items like grains, oils, and dairy. If you don’t have containers, the store will provide compostable ones for you.

And in addition to being a grocery store, In.gredients will also serve as a community center that offers cooking classes, gardening workshops, and art shows.

“Our goal is to reduce waste and promote health by ditching packaged and overly processed food altogether – revolutionizing grocery shopping as we know it,” said In.gredients co-founder Christian Lane in a press release.

Since 27 percent of food brought into US kitchens is thrown away and 570 million pounds of packaging winds up in landfills on a daily basis, we hope they succeed.

The store plans to open in East Austin this fall.

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