In anticipation of the release of part one of 'The Hobbit,' Air New Zealand has teamed up with the special effects team WETA to create a 'Hobbit'-themed safety video.

The video includes cameos from the head Hobbit in charge, Sir Peter Jackson, as well as the great-grandson of J.R.R. Tolkien, Dean O'Gorman (who will be playing the dwarf Fili in the movie), Gollum, and two writers from the ultimate 'Lord of the Rings' fan site,

Die-hard Tolkienites will get a good laugh at playing "spot the characters" -- there's a passenger dressed up as Orlando Bloom's Prince Legolas Greenleaf, another as Gollum, a few Hobbits and another passenger dressed up as Ian McKellan's Gandalf the Grey. But the biggest chuckle comes from Sir Peter Jackson's cameo: a young New Zealander, who looks as if he could be a real Hobbit, kneels down to demonstrate safety techniques in case of a crash, spots the One Ring and a hand that reaches out to grab it. It's Jackson himself, who quickly pops it onto his finger and calls it "my precious" before disappearing in an homage to the characters of both Gollum and Frodo Baggins.

What also makes the safety video a  great tribute for all Tolkien fans is that they also used the score for the trilogy. Between the tongue-in-cheek character and cast cameos, the score and the special effects, this is one safety video passengers won't sleep through!

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