This is broadcasting gold. A weatherman in Ohio recently lost it live on air after viewers took to social media to complain about tornado coverage. Tornadoes are no joke, and this guy was not taking too kindly to the criticism.

Watch as WHIO weatherman, Jamie Simpson goes off after viewers complained about the amount of tornado coverage and the fact that it was interrupting 'The Bachelorette'. Are you kidding me? People are more concerned over a ridiculous hook up show than an actual weather emergency? I think this guy is exactly right. Unfortunately, most people don't seem to care about catastrophe unless it directly impacts them. What a shame.

I have no idea what the outcome to this outburst was. I did not find Jamie Simpson pictured and or listed on the WHIO staff page. I certainly hope he did not lose his job. Have you ever lost your cool at work? Did that include losing your job immediately after? Let me know.


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