Tomorrow, January 18th, some of your favorite websites may not be available; why you ask? The Internet is striking to stop the  web censorship bills in Congress. I don't want to get all political, so the summary of SOPA would block websites that may contain pirated material or even links to said material from being accessed in the US. Find out who will be participating or may be participating.

Obviously the Internet won't be shut down, but there are a few popular and even helpful sites 'going dark' tomorrow from 8am to 8pm. The biggest announcement was that Wikipedia will participate for a reported 24 hours, also on the list is reddit, FailBlog, MineCraft, Mozilla and Wordpress.

There are plenty of petitions online to help protect a free and uncensored Internet as well as a mass of information available.

So if one of your favorite sites is blacked-out you know why and you won't think the interwebs are broke.

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