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Santa Claus! The Jolly Old Elf! The Guy In The Red Suit Hanging From a Hook On The Ceiling! Wait, what? Sure there's plenty of delightfully fun figurines of Old Saint Nick, but there's a few far too disturbing and bizarre for any tree trimming party. Here's ten of the best…And by best, we mean pretty weird.



Time to trim the tree and HANG the ornaments



There's literally nothing that could make this image of a Chinese Santa toy hanging backwards from a hook on the ceiling more disturbing, unless it suddenly turned around and showed you its fangs.


Santa Claus Hanging

Feng Li, Getty Images


Santa Goes To Jail



If we had one piece of advice to Santa after this unfortunate incident, it would be, “Don't drop the fruitcake in the shower.” If we had two, the second would be, “Why are you eating fruitcake in the shower?”


Santa In Jail

Kevin Dooley, Flickr


Evil Santa



There's something just…off about this one, isn't there? It may be the giant beard that almost consumes his face, like some aged wolfman. Or the fact that he's standing in the snow, staring directly at you…no, it's the cape.


Santa Lego

PartyMonstrrrr, Flickr


12 Days Of Fish-Mas



If you're good, Santa gets you a present. If you're bad, it's cool. If you're weird? He shows up in his famous gold hat with a fish as big as he is, of course. Merry Fish-mas, bro!


Santa With Fish

Axel Bührmann, Flickr


Santa Meets Death



…And then there was that time the giant, grim, visage of Death forced Santa to dig his own grave. You remember that warm Christmas tale, right kids?


Death and Santa

Rafael Peñaloza, Flickr


Sneaky Santa



What's he looking at over there? Is it the rest of his missing beard? What is it? What is he– Oh god, it's coming over here, isn't it! No! NOOOOOOO!!!


Santa Claus

Eclaire, Flickr


Santa Boxhead



For those who like their Santa Claus with a head so freakishly large he'd fall over if he so much as tried to stand up and hand you a present, your Christmas prayers are answered.


Santa Boxhead

Nerea Marta, Flickr


Santa Goes Wolverine



The guy who made this clearly watched the 'X-Men' movies a few too many times while making a Santa Claus figure, and then said, “Eureka! Let's add a gas mask.” Anyway, we're not sleeping any more this year.


Santa Wolverine

Partymonstrrrr, Flickr


Old Saint Buck-Buck



Why would you train your dog to want to chew on something that looks like Santa? Why? Also? What? And How?


Santa Chicken



When Cthulu Met Santa



Finally, a plush toy that perfectly encapsulates the madness of the Holiday season.


Santa Cthulu


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