Wendy Dio was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program. She looked back on the 10 years since the passing of her husband, legendary metal singer Ronnie James Dio.

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In the interview, the widow speculates about what Ronnie would have been doing currently with his music, noting he'd likely be finishing the Magica album trilogy that started in 2000. Wendy also picked a handful of her favorite songs by Ronnie and explained how the presence of hummingbirds in her yard feels like she's receiving messages from the late frontman.

Read the full interview below.

It's hard to believe it has been 10 years now since Ronnie passed. Knowing him so well, Wendy, what do you think he would have been doing now musically?

Touring as usual, doing the same thing he loved. He loved his fans, so he would still be writing and doing the same things as he was doing before finishing Magica, which was supposed to be three albums. He would probably being finishing off Magica II and Magica III. I think that's what he would be doing.

I don't what he'd be doing now in this horrible pandemic — probably sitting at home writing songs.

Ronnie was one of those rare singers whose voice was so robust and alive. Listening to his songs now it's easy to forget that he's gone. How conscious was he of that incredible, transcendent aspect of his singing?

I think it was just a natural talent for him, although it wasn't exactly a natural talent. It was a natural talent in that he was born with it and didn't realize what he had. All the trumpet playing that he did — the breathing exercises from having a trumpet that he started playing when he was five years old — I think that's why it was so strong.

Ronnie James Dio's Final Concert — Aug. 29, 2009

You met Ronnie when he was with Rainbow. What did you recognize in him that then ultimately came to fruition in terms of the staggering accomplishment of being part of, not one, but three significant bands?

Well, he was an incredibly intelligent person and he read a book almost every day. He loved people and he could converse with anyone at any age, may they be eight or 80, and brings things out from them. He had a way of talking to someone and making you feel like you were really important and anything you had to say, he was listening to it and thinking about what you were saying.

We were very young when we met in Rainbow. He had just joined the band and finished one album completely, the first album, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, but had not toured yet when I met Ronnie.

With Ronnie, you had a firsthand view of some of the most iconic heavy metal music ever made. What song of his, if there really is just one, is your favorite?

I have lots of favorites, but, of course, my favorite is "Rainbow Eyes" because he wrote that about me. Although I love "Stargazer" and "Holy Diver." I love "Heaven and Hell," "Don't Talk to Strangers"... there's just so many great songs I love. "This Is Your Life" — I think that was a very beautiful song.

Rainbow, "Rainbow Eyes"

It's been 10 years since Ronnie passed away. In what ways is he still with you?

He's still with me all the time. I feel him in the house. I feel him everywhere. In fact, when he passed away, it was very strange — a little hummingbird was tapping on my window for about five days. I didn't think anything of it and then I suddenly thought about it.

Then just yesterday I was sitting in the backyard and there's a little hummingbird there and I thought, "Why does he keep coming back here?" It made a nest in one of my sun umbrellas. I was like, "What if Ronnie is giving me a message?" Maybe it's silly, but that's what I like. I felt that it was Ronnie giving me a message.

We love and miss Ronnie and I feel like he's with all of us and his music is going to live on forever.

Yes. I'm so glad we got to do the gala before everything happened and the lockdown happened. Unfortunately we had to cancel the Ride for Ronnie benefit event this year. We're hoping that the Bowl for Ronnie will still carry on on November 12th.

Thanks to Wendy Dio for the interview. Follow the Ronnie James Dio Facebook and Twitter pages for all of the latest updates on the legendary singer's legacy. Most recently, the 1996-2004 studio albums ('Angry Machines,' 'Magica,' 'Killing the Dragon' and 'Master of the Moon') were reissued and can be picked up here.

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