What are shoppers buying more of than anything else? Did you say toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies? Then you would be wrong!

How we have adjusted to living, shopping and our most cherished items during the COVID19 pandemic is really interesting Meijer says.

Fox17 reported that, not surprisingly, home delivery and pickup services doubled at Meijer stores over the last 12 months, and customers used “Shop & Scan” technology more than 100 million times. Not me, so I guess I'd better get with the times.

It turns out we ate more grab n’ go sushi, and premade meals from local restaurants that Meijer partners with. Also produce in bulk and in bagged quantities, and more oranges, lemons, grapefruit. As a matter of fact, more than 500,000 rotisserie chickens were sold in just the past month! And, we even threw in hand weights to home gyms. Work outs while eating, nothing better.

In nice weather, we sure got outside. Meijer sold more bikes pools and grills than past years and saw more than a 60 percent increase in fishing pole and gear sales. Video games hardware and accessories, board games and puzzles were big too.,

But, we wanted more creature comforts and bed and decorative pillows were flying off the shelves, more than 1 million last year! year. We wanted to smell good, too, so a variety of scents and ambiance to workspaces, spa-themed candles flew out the door.

And now, it seems we're focusing on making our living spaces better. Home organizing and adding more environmentally safe cleaning solutions are big.

Last, but not least, lottery ticket sales were up more than 25 percent! Hey, if we can't earn more money, maybe we can win it.!


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