As more businesses reopen, and more people return to the workplace, where are you in all of this? What is your covid comfort right now? Have you found yourself out and about more, or are you continuing to stay home?

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Last week Michigan bars and restaurants were able to reopen. I was out on the first day (shocker). I sat at a bar, had a few drinks, and ordered food to go. It was great to see a local business literally back in business, but honestly - I don't think I loved being around so many people that I did not know. That being said, this past weekend I was at a party and was not uncomfortable. Maybe it was because the party was outside, and all of the guests I had interactions with, seemed to be mindful or proper social distancing.

I have encountered people that don't even appear to think about the coronavirus anymore. I also know a handful of people who are continuing to stay home, and not gather in large groups. I get it. With talk of a second wave of the coronavirus in October, there is reason for concern. Or not, I know plenty of people that call BS on that too.

Another thing I have noticed is people are offended if someone won't hug them yet, or shake their hand. Get over yourself - if someone does not feel comfortable hugging yet, that is totally okay. I have been on both ends of that situation. Don't be offended if someone wants to give you an elbow bump instead of a handshake. Hey, it beats getting a middle finger.

Let me know your thoughts on all of the above. We heard for months that 'we are all in this together', but honestly - it doesn't feel like it.

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