Two words - Squid Game. The Netflix show is the streaming networks most popular and successful show to date. Have you watched 'Squid Game' yet? I did, I watched all nine episodes in one day. I loved it, did you?

I know one person who did not love it, my friend Jessica. She actually called it boring on Facebook. WTF? Boring does not even come to mind to describe the show. Gorey - yes. Boring - no.

I guess we have to agree to disagree. That is what brings me to the subject of this post, what show and or shows does everyone seem to love but you? I'll go first. One show that I did not love like the whole entire world seemed to is 'Game of Thrones'. Yep, I said it. Full disclosure, I did what the first couple seasons - then quit. Maybe I should go back and revisit past seasons?

Another show everyone seems to love is 'Yellowstone'. I am everyone, I love the show and am excited for a new season to start soon. Have you watched? If not - start. One very popular show I could not get behind is 'Stranger Things' on Netflix. People seemed to be nuts about the show when it debuted - I just couldn't get into it.

Tell me what popular shows you did not care for, they can be older shows as well as current shows. You can go as far back as 'Star Trek' (boring) or as current as 'You' or 'Dopesick' on Netflix (or any streaming service and or broadcast television).

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