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It's hard to believe that something that got people busted and in some cases, thrown is jail, that now is big business.

How many concerts have you attended where, all of the sudden, you noticed that unmistakable "sweet smell". Maybe not so much in the past few years (and obviously, not the past year, with everything shutdown), but back in the day....Just one example: There was a show at Wings over thirty years ago. Robert Plant and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Second hand smoke, second hand high. You catch my drift? (Yes, pun intended)

Why bring this up now? With the legalization of pot in Michigan and more and more states joining the list, enterprising business people are cutting deals. Big deals, in fact.

Just down I-94 in Detroit, Lume Cannabis has signed on to become "exclusive cannabis partner" of DTE Energy Music Theatre.

Exclusive Cannabis Partner

No, you still can't light up at a concert (legally). But you'll be able to be "educated" on cannabis when you go to DTE. Let that sink in for a second. When ushers and security types would walk through the crowd at a concert, what did you do? Hid it, or maybe in some cases, didn't even bring it. Now, they're a sponsor.

This is a five year deal, and here's what it means:

"DTE Energy Music Theatre will include Lume branding throughout the venue, including widespread signage, a dedicated 6,000 square-foot “Tree House” lounge and satellite activations throughout the venue. Located inside DTE Energy Music Theatre’s West Entrance, Lume’s newly built “Tree House” provides ample outdoor space for concert goers to socialize and enjoy food and beverage offerings. Cannabis consumption and purchase is not permitted on-premises; however, the lounge contains indoor areas where guests can purchase Lume-branded merchandise and learn about the company’s retail offerings across its 18 off-site recreational dispensaries." - Lume release.

Presumably, the state is getting a piece of the action.

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