Telecommuters may have some creative ways to while away the day, but at least they’re not shooting the breeze with colleagues — something a new survey finds is the biggest time-waster at work.

Among the 300 employees polled by TrackVia, 14 percent ranked all that useless chatter at the top of the list of productivity killers, while 11 percent said computer hardware and software problems kept them from getting things done.

Another time-suck? Meetings. Many survey respondents said half the time they spend in meetings is utterly useless. And almost a fifth of workers reported spending between one and two hours a week dealing with office politics — with seven percent saying they had to devote almost a full workday every week to the task.

And even though social media is often blamed for lost productivity, that may not be the case. Only five percent of the employees polled said it had a negative impact on their workday.

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