A lot of things can stress me out. Work, relationships, driving on a snowy day. We're all asked a lot of questions throughout a day that can stress us out, but what do you think turns out to be the most stressful of them all? What's the number one "stresser?"

The web sight swnsdigital published an article about what stresses us out, and it turns out that the simple question "what's for dinner," proved to be the most stressful question and the most stressful thing we encounter in a day. Seriously?

Now that I think about it, if I don't prepare ahead, by the time dinner is rolling around I'm stressing out. What do I do? What do I have. Nuts, it's all frozen. Oops, the fridge is empty. Yikes.

So the article goes on to say that's why we turn to leftovers. Of course you had to have a meal before to even get there, but leftovers are the solution. I find myself saying, I don't feel like cooking tonight. What can I heat up? Hey, you know, cold isn't so bad! Okay, that's bad.

I know so many people who refuse to eat leftovers. What's the deal? That's crazy. I love eating up food I've cooked before. It's always kind of a surprise how good and sometimes better, it tastes, especially pasta! Actually, the majority of us like leftovers, 72% are pro-leftovers.

So, what did the survey say we think makes a good leftover dinner? Soups top the list at 79%, followed by pizza (63%), meat (62%), pasta (60%) and rice (55%).

Chinese food takeout is really good (53%) and roasted potatoes (52%) are leftover-worthy foods – and 47% even said tuna and egg salads are worthy enough to save for later.

Okay, what's bad?  Avocados and guacamole lead the list. Also eggs and sushi were by far the worst things to keep as leftovers.

Let's all try to eat better in 2022 and, hey, enjoy the leftovers!


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