It was a heartbreaking night last night at the Fenech home when I heard my oldest son, Ben, crying around bedtime. This wasn't the "No! I don't want to go to bed, I'm not done playing Minecraft!" kind of crying, this was the "Something upset me so much, I can't make words!" sort of crying.

As my wife reported that his hamster, Gibble, had gone to Hamster Heaven, my heart just went out to my son. As a parent, there's no worse feeling than when your child is in agony and there is nothing you can do. Gibble led a long life for a robo hamster, but for Ben it wasn't long enough.

I mentioned to my co-workers that we are going to bury Gibble this weekend when the ground won't be so... frozen. One co-worker asked, "Why don't you just flush it?" Somewhat stunned, I replied, "It isn't a fish!"

So what is the protocol for dealing with a dead hamster? I already promised Ben a burial for his furry friend. Farewell, Gibble! We'll miss you!