I am really concerned about where high school sports will be in five years. It’s really something to be talked about. You can’t just take this for granted. More sports in high schools are not being played.

Listen, I don’t have any statistics to back this up. But when some of these high school teams are getting crushed time and time again, it’s a problem. When I played high school sports in the '70s they had cuts on teams all of the time. Do they in this day and age? Maybe in some sports. There just isn’t the participation that there was in all the previous years. For whatever reason, like cost, lack of interest, bad teams, bad coaches and then there are the meddling parents.

People will tell you this is all hogwash, but is it really? I’m talking in five years not necessarily right now. Today’s kids aren’t at all interested in the jock world because of many other interests outside of school. This isn’t to be excessive or alarming, it’s just a plain fact.

High school sports just aren't what they used to be. If people tell you differently, I would like to have a nice conversation about this. Like I said, when teams are getting crushed, what do you get out of this? Absolutely nothing!

This is a strange situation that I never thought I would see. I want you to please expound on this and tell me your thoughts!

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