Spoiler alert - this article is not for young children who believe in the magic of Christmas and all things Santa Claus.

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This is article is for parents. Most of you work your butts off to give your kid(s) a great Christmas year after year. That being said, why are you letting a man in a red suit take the credit for your hard work? Think about it, you as parents have the ultimate power. Why put Santa's name on a gift, when you are the real hero - you paid for it?

How many times in the past have you attempted to take a toy (you bought) away from your kid, only for he, she, or them to say - 'You can't take that, Santa Claus gave it to me!'. That is some straight-up BS.

My friend Michele may be the smartest person I know. For years her twin boys each received one present every year from Santa Claus. You know who the rest of the gifts came from - Mom and Dad, as in her and her husband.

I asked Michele why she did this and she said, it's simple. She and her husband work to buy them nice gifts and the boys appreciate their Christmas presents more knowing they were picked out and purchased by mom and dad. Can I get an amen?

I am not a parent, but believe me, if I was - I would be doing Christmas just like Michele and her family. If I buy the present - I want the credit. I am guessing old Santa Claus is not going to be happy about this article. Oh well, that clown has not left me a present in years. Suck it Santa Claus - it's time for parents to shine on Christmas Day.

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