Growing up in Chicago many kids in my neighborhood looked so forward to the fishing season and really were excited when we could journey to Michigan to fish.  Fishing in Illinois is not even close to the great fishing here in Michigan.

We used to head to Paw Paw Michigan to spend a few weekends a year and we had these best times.  We caught many small bass, crappie, and bluegills.  I remember seeing one of the adults catch the biggest Northern Pike I have ever seen. I need to get out and fish more, enjoy it so much.

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Well, Carp may not be a fisherman favorite to catch or eat, but many have been dying in some Michigan waters. Some people do eat carp and serve it deep-fried or baked. Since carp contains healthy muscle oil, it is good to eat fried carp according to  They also say forget all the rumors, if you catch them in freshwater, carp is very good to eat no matter how you prepare it.

Here is How Many Fish Are Dying and Where

So here is the deal on some fish dying, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources says hundreds of carp died in Lake Orion because of herpes. So according to the investigation into the death of the carp of between 250 and 500 fish happened in late summer in Lake Orion.

I didn't know this but the bacteria that affect fish are not human pathogens. It is because of differences in body temperatures between fish and humans says the DNR.

Carp have been residents of Michigan waters since the late 1800s and are found in many lakes, streams, and rivers here.

Keep This In Mind When Eating Fish

The DNR also reminds you that freshwater fish should be fully cooked to ensure they are safe to eat.

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