The Detroit Lions made some waves just before the start of the season by signing future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson.

The good news is that the Lions are getting a veteran back that can run the ball successfully inside. The bad news is that Adrian Peterson is 35 years old, and definitely in the twilight of his career. He is not the Peterson that ran over the Lions for years when he played in Minnesota.

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Peterson is still a productive back, and actually might find a perfect fit with the young backfield in Detroit.

Right now the Lions are extremely inexperienced at the running back spot. Kerryon Johnson is in his second season, and will most likely be the primary running back in Detroit. The Lions also have rookie D'Andre Swift, along with others that were scheduled to touch the ball during the running by committee plan.

Now Peterson will have the chance to get quality touches, while helping mentor the young backs in Detroit. The fact that the first game is less than a week away is a challenge for the Lions though. Peterson should be ok since the Lions current offensive coordinator also worked in Minnesota with Peterson.

The real problems will most likely come if any of the younger backs get injured in week one. Right now Peterson is perfectly suited to come in on short yardage situations, but anything more than that will probably have to wait a couple of weeks.

The Lions take on the Bears Sunday at 1pm, and as of right now are three point favorites.

I'd kick myself if I didn't use this story as another way to showcase the outstanding promotion the Lions put together for the upcoming season. The 'Planet Earth' style promo with a David Attenborough impression for the ages, will be featured on the Lions Instagram weekly.


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