Basketball and Will Ferrell fans rejoice! During Last nights Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets game Will Ferrell made a guest appearance introducing the players of both teams.

The Hornets were hosting the Bulls during their 80s theme night, which by the way strung this video out for too long, as Ferrell made semi-funny remarks about each player.

Ferrell who has become an iconic comedian, didn't fare too well with some of his little comments. There were a couple however that stuck out; like the comment about the Bulls Carlos Boozer, stating he 'still lives with his mother,' and the one about the Hornets Gustavo Ayón, saying, 'he's from Mexico and dosen't speak a lick of English, but we love him anyway.'

Take a look at the video below, if you just want to see Will Ferrell and not the extra long 80s night stuff, watch the beginning to 1:27 and then skip to 3:00.


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