Cinco de Mayo is this Sunday, May 5th. Will you be celebrating with tequila and tacos?

According to the History Channel website, Cinco de Mayo is a minor holiday in Mexico. That is certainly not the case for America - we have turned it into a day to celebrate Mexican culture. You don't have to leave your home to enjoy and celebrate the day. It is definitely acceptable to prepare your favorite Mexican dishes at home. That being said, it is fun to go out too.

I have a feeling I will be celebrating at home and out for a bit - shocker. I am guessing I will start at the Corner Bar in Fenton for one of my favorite tequila cocktails called 'The Pennington'. After a few Pennington's I am sure I will not be in the mood for cooking. Shocker. My day will be spent out of the house, drinking the tequila.

I just realized everyday is Cinco de Mayo for me. Oh brother.

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