The first thing I did this morning was Google 'Mega Millions'. To my surprise the first article to pop up had 'Michigan' in the title. I am sorry to say the winner is not me, and more than likely not you, unless you bought your ticket(s) in Novi.

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The winning numbers were 4-26-42-50-60 with a Mega Ball number of  24. According to ABC News, the winning ticket was sold at a Kroger store. Just think about of all the people that bought a ticket at the winning location, only to find out - they did not win. Ugh.

If the winner chooses a one time cash payout (as most winners do), the take away is roughly $739 million before taxes. Can you even imagine?

The winner has yet to come forward, but obviously must to claim the prize.

For the billions of people (like me), that did not win - try again next week. The jackpot will not be as big, but a measly few million would do in a pinch.

$12.5M Michigan Mansion

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