I feel like I am going to puke after watching just a few seconds of this video. I have seen people being lifted by helicopters before, but I have never seen a rescue like this

A 74-year-old  Arizona woman was airlifted after a hiking injury. I don't know what is worse a hiking injury or being on a gurney that is spinning out of control in mid-air? I am quite confident I would choose the hiking injury. The footage of the woman on the gurney is horrifying.

Watch as she spins non-stop. I couldn't even count how many times she was spun around. I had to stop watching, like I said - I was ready to barf. Same goes for the unidentified 'spinner'. She was taken to the hospital for nausea and dizziness. You think? It has been 5 minutes since I watched a few seconds of the video and I still feel queasy.

Here is another thing on my list of things NOT to do - go hiking. Stay safe, stay seated at a bar instead.


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