Bed bugs are a nasty problem and they need to be handled swiftly, A Michigan woman is no doubt regretting her handling of a situation in which her car was infested with bed bugs, so her reaction and handling of it was to set her car on fire. A 31-year-old woman from Pontiac was hospitalized with second-degree burns after attempting to kill the bugs with fire on July 27th, as Freep reports:

The woman reportedly had a panic attack due to having bedbugs inside her vehicle, according to a major incident report from Oakland County Sheriff. The woman decided to kill the bedbugs by pouring rubbing alcohol inside the vehicle and lighting it on fire. In the process, she accidentally lit herself on fire. She was later taken to McLaren Oakland Hospital for treatment of second-degree burns.

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The term "Kill it with fire" is often used to caption pictures of giant bugs and although it's a funny line, can clearly lead to serious danger. Orkin recently released a list of the worst states for bed bugs and it turns out these Michigan cities landed in the Top 50:

#4. Detroit, MI
#10. Grand Rapids, MI
#21. Flint, MI
#48. Lansing, MI

Indiana also landed 3 spots in the Top  50, while Ohio had 6 cities, although, this study was only coming from one source. Flint being at #21 may not come as a surprise as 2 years ago bed bugs were found at Mott Community College in the student lounge. Michigan has provided a guide to controlling bed bugs here.

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