I have heard of Steak Tartare but this is ridiculous.

A video of a woman eating a raw steak, shaped like a heart is freaking out the internet. I have seen a lot of weird things, but this seems extra bizarre. Is there a market and or audience for people eating raw meat in their underwear? Is this a fetish?

If you thought, like I did - that this is totally random, it's not. There are countless videos on YouTube of men and women eating raw meat. Google it if you don't believe me. I warn you, it is super easy to fall down a rabbit hole of raw meat eating videos.

I thought I wanted to go out for steak with my Valentine on Thursday, I am rethinking that decision. When I hear anyone mention 'steak', the above video is what will pop into my head. Trust me, it will be the same for you. Depending on what you are into - I am sorry or, you are welcome.

Happy Valentine's Day.



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