I am always nervous about eating at a potluck. I freak about what kind of conditions the food was made in and what people were doing at the time of the food preparation. Yes, I have issues. Now I am freaked out about eating meat at a barbecue thanks to this story. Ugh. 

Kelly M. Cochran, 34, of Indiana was sentenced recently to an additional 65 years in prison for killing her husband Jason Cochran. I typed 'additional' because she was already in prison at the time of sentencing for the death of her former lover Chris Regan. Reports indicate Cochran and Jason made a pact to kill their former lovers, one of them being Chris Regan. The married couple (before she killed him) murdered and dismembered Chris Regan (Kelly's ex-lover). It gets worse, allegedly served Regan's body bbq style to her neighbors. WTF?

If you think this story cannot get any crazier - think again. Kelly M. Cochran may be responsible for nine other murders with reports of bodies being buried throughout the mid-west, including Michigan. A documentary titled 'Dead North' about Kelly and the murders is set to air on May 28th and 29th on Investigation Discovery.


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