It’s September, which means the nation is starting to go football crazy. Ohio woman Janine Fulton recently took football insanity to a new level when she filled a couple official size Wilson balls with pills, marijuana, cigarettes, cell phones, and cell phone chargers and tried to toss them into the Richland Correctional Institution in Mansfield, OH.No word on how her passes were, um, intercepted, but she was arrested and the loot never reached the two inmates it was intended for.

“I was surprised at the amount of contraband and drugs that can be put in a football,” METRICH Commander Lt. Ken Coontz commented.

Ohio Highway Patrol Lt. Mike Kemmer added that this was the first time he’s seen a football used for smuggling.

Fulton, 43, actually used to be a guard at another Ohio prison before being fired for allowing a prisoner to keep illegal material. For this misdeed her own freedom is also at stake, as she’s been charged with illegal conveyance of drugs or other prohibited items onto grounds of a detention facility or institution.

Well, if the prison team needs a quarterback . . .

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