A woman from Vancouver had her bike stolen last Wednesday, and called the police.  The next day, a friend of hers found the bike for sale on Craigslist.  Not a similar bike, the same one!

She called the police again to inform them of the development, but they told her they wouldn't be able to investigate until the following day.  Worrying that someone might buy the bike and she would never see it again, she decided to take action herself.

She contacted the seller who lived just a couple of blocks from where the bike was stolen, and made arrangements to meet because she wanted to buy it.  He agreed to meet with her at a local McDonald's.  When she arrived, she was able to verify that the bike was hers from the stickers on it.

She didn't let him in on the fact that it was her bike, but did ask to take it for a test ride.  After some convincing, he reluctantly agreed to let her give it a spin, but asked her not to ride off with it. "Of course not," she claimed, and rode off basically stealing it back.

She detailed her story on Reddit, and there is no word on whether or not the police will continue their investigation.