Seems the old adage dictating “only stupid criminals get caught” was recently proven in Florida, when two women swiped a bunch of inflatable Christmas decorations off a lawn and put them in their own yard — less than a block away.

As if brazenly displaying the stolen wares wasn’t enough to implicate them, their victim also had a surveillance camera that caught them in the act. And to think people laughed at us when you put 24-hour surveillance on our inflatable Santa in an outhouse. It’s for instances like this one!

According to police, Guadalupe Valdes and Yamil Sarabia (pictured above) stole “a Mickey Mouse on a horse, some hugging penguins, Snoopy on a dog house, and Santa on a sled.” Sadly, no partridge in a pear tree, but the $500 haul was enough to get the women charged with grand theft.

We’re not sure what’s funnier — the ineptness with which the crime was committed, or the news station that covered it with all the gravitas of a million-dollar bank heist. “Is someone going to steal your crappy Xmas decorations! News Team 20 investigates!”

[Via WSVN]

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