A thief in Boston is going to have to do some serious explaining the next time he goes to confession.

Sister Alice Kenneally, an 85-year-old nun, was robbed of $6 last week while she was getting set to pay for tickets to a Lenten fish dinner.

Sister Alice says she was reaching for her money at the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help when the thug grabbed the cash from her hands:

This man came in. He came right over, in front of me and pulled it off. I said, ‘That’s mine. Give it back to me.' I challenged him and he ran,” she said.

The brazen bandit then fled the scene.

Being a nun, Sister Alice doesn’t harbor any ill will about the robbery, saying, “He must need it more than I do. I feel sorry for him.”

She was not hurt in the incident.

The thief is still on the loose and if he is caught, jail may seem like a picnic compared to the very hot underworld where he may have to spend eternity.

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