As evidenced by the sheer amount of stuff we publish about superheroes on this site, it should be clear that we here at ScreenCrush love comic-book movies. We don’t love every superhero movie, though. Just like any other genre, comic-book movies have produced some all-time classics and some all-time stinkers.

The reasons why a superhero movie flops vary from project to project. Sometimes the material just isn’t suited to a big screen. Sometimes the filmmakers play fast and loose with their source material, and lose the very thing that made the original comics special. Other times they might be too faithful, and try to cram in too much mythology and characters into a two-hour film. Sometimes the casting isn’t quite right, or the special effects aren’t up to snuff. There are so many different ways a superhero movie can go wrong it’s kind of remarkable any of them turn out well at all.

Sadly, these are not the movies that turned out well. Below, you’ll find the 25 worst superhero movies ever made — at least among those based on existing comic book source material. (You got off easy this time, Pumaman.) The list starts with the movies that are almost watchable, and ends with the ones that belong at the bottom of a toxic waste dump.

The Worst Superhero Movies Ever Made

We love superhero movies here at ScreenCrush, but the genre is not without its share of flops. Here we rank the worst of the worst.
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