A family from Lansing found more than they had anticipated when cleaning out the home of a family member this past weekend.

While cleaning out a family member's home over the weekend, a non-live WWI ammunition round was discovered. At the time they weren't sure if the bomb was live or not so they called the Lansing Police Department immediately.

The Michigan State Police Bomb Squad team ended up showing up and conducted an X-ray of the ammunition and discovered it wasn't a live round.

What they did discover however was nothing short of a treasure. Inside the round of ammunition was a treasure of coins and bills ranging from the 1800 to1900s.

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The police took the WWI non-live round but left the treasure to the family.

What we don't know at this point is just how much everything inside was worth. I would have to imagine it was worth more than simply the face value of what was laid out on the table. I think I'm safe in saying that some of those bills were worth way more than they appeared.

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