Michigan native Tim Allen is known for being a comedian, tv, and film actor and most recently for lending his voice to the Pure Michigan campaign that helps to bring tourists to the Mitten state each year. In these commercials that started running on the radio and TV back in 2008, Tim talks softly over a piano version of The Cider House rules song while beautiful footage from across Michigan plays showing off and highlighting why people should come to visit our great state.


I love the Pure Michigan ads, whenever I hear them on the radio or see them on tv I want to hop in my car with my wife Lindsey and our two dogs Benny and Paddy and explore all the places in Michigan that I've never been to before.

Big Joe Pesh - TSM
Big Joe Pesh - TSM


Recently I was watching some videos on youtube when I stumbled upon something I had never heard or seen before, The Yes! Michigan tourism commercials.

The Say Yes! To Michigan campaign debuted in 1970 and into the late 1980s

This Say Yes To Michigan Commerical Highlights Michigan's growing technology

This Say Yes To Michigan Commerical shows off all the things you can do in the winter.

Even though these commercials are 30-40 years old they still do a wonderful job of showing off the great state of Michigan. Personally, my favorite ads are the Pure Michigan ones.

Janna/ TSM
Janna/ TSM

I also that it created a parody account making fun of things in Pure Michigan.
Check out one of the videos below, WARNING LANGUAGE NSFW

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