Sexual assault happens at an alarming rate in our country and it's not going away.

There's no way to ignore the fact that, in my opinion, it seems that sexual assault is categorized as a 'lady problem' and therefore not that important to try to fix. Because as you all know, us ladies are hysterical and cannot seem to get control over our minds or bodies (that was DEEP sarcasm).  With the recent release of Brock Turner, the student athlete who raped a classmate behind a dumpster, got an extremely lenient sentence of six months in jail, and was released in three months for good behavior, I realized that more than ever, sexual assault is not taken very seriously.

Many people were outraged when they heard about the Turner case, but the sad reality is that this is an example on how most of these sexual assault cases play out. The person who committed the act, most times, gets to walk free because either the judge is lenient or the victim is blamed for being there to be raped.

Victims go through a lot of scrutiny by police, hospital exams, and even family members, to even get to a point to actually accuse a rapist. They have to go through a trial, if it even gets that far, and relive the worst time of their life. Then to see your attacker in the courtroom everyday and see them get a six month sentence because, hey, 'boys will be boys', is beyond infuriating.

I also feel like sexual assault is not talked about because it is a dark area of society. We all know it happens, but we sure as hell don't want to talk about it because it's uncomfortable to do so. And of course, if you don't talk about something it just gets worse. As displayed with this newest video from College Humor, they take on the fact that sexual assault is everyone's problem. Yes, they use humor, but it gets the point across.

Please remember, that sexual assault is not only a 'lady problem', it's a society problem. A problem that needs to be fixed from basic education of knowing what is considered rape/sexual assault to understanding that six months in jail for rape because the rapist happens to 'swim real good' is outrageous.


CollegeHumor via YouTube