Best idea ever.

There is an actual hotline you can call, and let it all out - in the form of a scream. This is one hundred percent real, and in my opinion one hundred percent awesome. Are you stressed about your finances? Call Just Scream. Are your kids driving you crazy? Call Just Scream. Does life feel like it is kicking your ass? Call Just Scream.

The hotline is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no human on the other end. You just call (561) 567-8431, wait for the beep, scream, and hang up. I just did it, and I am not going to lie - it was freaking awesome. You will feel so good after you do it.

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The screams are updated daily, and you can actually listen to scream after scream here. I am not sure why, but I just imagined all the screams would be screams of anger or terror. They are not. There are also screams of laughter and hope.

I just figured everyone would scream from frustration, not happiness. I am glad I was wrong. The laughter screams are pretty cool. I think you should call now, and let out any kind of scream you want to end the year 2020. Like I said earlier, it feels strangely great to let it all out.

I hope the year 2021 brings you screams of joy and excitement. We have all dealt with enough sorrow this year, let's take on 2021 with a giant scream of hope.

Happy New Year.

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