NASA has their hand out for money from our federal government again. This time to the tune of 28 Billion dollars. The reason for the money is to fund lengthier exploration of the Moon. You as a taxpayer will be part of the funding mister and since the list of needs for such an endeavor is extensive, we're going to have to be "creative" with some of the funding so we're not stuck still paying for this crap 100 years from now.  Don't worry, I got your back. Well, maybe you should look over a few of my ideas before you agree with that statement, but my intentions are good.

Here are my thoughts. We'll have teams of NASA employees on the moon scraping rocks and hitting golf balls next to a flag all in the name of research, so why don't we do this. Make the Moon a vacation destination. Think about it, we'll already be transporting teams of human workers on a rocket so why not toss on board a few families. A "transportation fee" might actually offset some of the travel costs.  I already have Moon family vacation ideas for once they arrive:

Rent a Moon RV: The list of needs to work on the moon includes a Habitable Mobility Platform which is just a fancy name for a giant RV. What if you charge the Anderson's and Smith's a nominal fee to roll around the surface of the Moon on the Moon RV? They could pop some pizza rolls in the microwave oven while driving around and taking in all the breath taking moon scenery.

Stay at the Moon KOA: After a day of travel in the Moon RV, the family will need somewhere to stay where they are out of the way of moon workers. There is no oxygen on the surface so smores by the campfire is a no-go but they could sell overpriced glow sticks in its place and make a killing! Lets just make sure the bathrooms are cleaner than they are on Earth for our space traveling bunch.

Take a stroll through Moon Rock Forrest: The rocks won't be piled as high as a Forrest you would find in Michigan mind you but there is enough congested piles of rock to emulate a Forrest (albeit a solidifies rock form) but none-the-less, still an awesome sight.

Swim in Waterless Craters: Don't leave the swimming trunks back on earth because swimming in Moon dust filled craters takes swimming to a whole new level. No lifeguards will be on duty so swim in the Moon dust at your own risk.

Disney Moon: It is a small world after all so why not sell the Mouse some Moon land to build a gravity free theme park. It would give Space Mountain a whole new life.

Space Force: Our Space Force recruitments can handle the tilt-a-whirl and Space Mountain rides giving this brave new branch of protectors something to do.

Moon Starbucks: Pretty much goes without saying that this will happen, I mean they are all over planet Earth and I would expect the invasion to continue.

Well there ya go - a few ideas on how we can get some of our tax investment money back. I know...I think I'm a great American for doing this but I'm only trying to keep my taxes from going through the roof for this non-sense. What say we get this off the ground soon my space exploring friends.

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