Brace yourself for one wild ride. The trailer for the upcoming movie 'Zola' looks insane, and still does not divulge exactly what happened when a Detroit Hooters waitress took off on a road trip with a girl she only knew for one day. The plan was to make money by dancing, as you can see in the trailer above - there was a lot more involved than just dancing.

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The whole movie is based off of Zola's Twitter feed. The Detroit Hooters waitress, documented the entire trip via tweets. According to the New York Post, the The full thread from 2015 went viral detailing the road trip to Florida with a schemer she met just hours before. I do not remember hearing anything about this, do you? To be honest I barely remember yesterday, so I may have read something about it and forgot.

Apparently the 'schemer' who's real name is Jessica (changed to Stefani in the movie), shows up to pick up Zola for the trip with two men. That was not part of the original plan. Zola believed it was just going to be the two of them.

Over the next 48 hours, it appears things get way out of hand. What specifically happened may be available if you wanted to dig deep through the internet, but I am waiting for the movie to find out exactly what went down. Like I said, all arrows point to more than just dancing at a club for extra money.

'Zola' will be released on June 30th. I will definitely be watching.

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