It's time for a round of "Fact or Bullcrap." We give you a statement, you tell us whether it's a fact, or bullcrap. Today's theme is Christmas. If you're ready, Here we go:

1) One in 15 Christmas presents break by New Year's Day.
Bullcrap: It's more than that . . . one in 10 break within a week.

2) Only one in four Christmas gifts last until the next Christmas.
Fact: 40% break by March and 75% within a year.

3) People spend half of their time in line when Christmas shopping.
Bullcrap: It's about a quarter of their time.

4) If you got everything from the song "The 12 Days of Christmas", you would get 364 gifts.
Fact. Just about one for every day of the year.

5) If you got everything from the song "The 12 Days of Christmas", you would have more gold rings than anything else.
Bullcrap: You'd have 40 gold rings . . . but you'd have 42 swans-a-swimming, and 42 geese-a-laying.

6) The pear tree in the song is actually a mispronunciation of the French word for partridge.
Fact: The first line is believed to have originally been, quote, "A partridge, une perdrix." (Which is pronounced pear-dree.)

7) The 12 days of Christmas end on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day.
Bullcrap: The 12 days don't end on either day . . . they start on Christmas.

8) The calling birds in the song are a mispronunciation of "colly bird" . . . which means blackbird.
Fact: And colly is short for "colored."

9) This is the week when couples are at highest risk to break up.
Fact: According to a study of Facebook statuses, two weeks before Christmas . . . which was yesterday . . . is the most popular time of year for relationships to end.

10) The first person to get a present in their stocking from St. Nicholas was a sick young boy whose parents refused help.
Bullcrap: According to the legend, St. Nicholas left bags of gold coins for three poor sisters . . . so they didn't have to become prostitutes.