"American Chopper" will end its 10-year run next month, following a previously announced live special featuring a four-way bike build-off.  The two-part special, titled "The Revenge", will air on December 10th and 11th.    The Discovery Channel confirmed the cancellation in a press release, but an executive producer is suggesting that there's a chance it could live on.

He says, quote, "'American Chopper' was canceled before and we came back even stronger.  It's been a resilient, powerful show.  Right now they're telling me it's canceled.  I can only comment:  'Who knows what the future holds.'"

"American Chopper" premiered as a Discovery Channel special in 2002.  Not long after, it was turned into a full-on series.  In 2008, Discovery moved the show to its sister channel, TLC.    A couple years later, TLC canceled it, then they brought it back under the new title, "American Chopper: Junior vs. Senior".  Then it went back to its original title and switched back to Discovery.